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Under Cabinet Range Hood 30 inch Ducted/Ductless Convertible Kitchen Hood Stainless Steel Vent Hood w/LED Light 2 Speed Exhaust Fan Black

Under Cabinet Range Hood 30 inch Ducted/Ductless Convertible Kitchen Hood Stainless Steel Vent Hood w/LED Light 2 Speed Exhaust Fan Black

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【SLIM & SPACE-SAVING】: Range Hood dimensions: 17.5"L*29.9" W*4.7" H. This SNDOAS cabinet range hood at only 4.7 inches thick . its slim design not only saves valuable kitchen space but also adds a modern touch to your kitchen decor.

【USER FRIENDLY】: The rocker-type switch makes the SNDOAS Cabinet Range Hood easy to use. The built-in energy-efficient LED light bulbs provide a brighter lighting environment to illuminate your cooking area.

【TWO-WAY INSTALLATION】: The SNDOAS Cabinet Range Hood features a pre-drilled hole on the top and the back that can be used for ducted installation( Need to purchase the related ductwork accessories separately). Please decide which installation method you need before installation . once the exhaust hole cover plate is pried open . it cannot be restored.Or use the carbon cotton composite filter included can be used for ductless installation.

【MODERATE SUCTION POWER】: With a 230 CFM Airflow . the SNDOAS Cabinet Range Hood delivers moderate ventilation performance that is suitable for single apartments or small households that require efficient air filtration.

【ACCESSORY INCLUDES】: Each package contains 1 pc aluminum mesh & carbon cotton composite filter . user manual . and a one-year warranty.Please note that: This is a hardwire range hood . plug in is NOT included. We have Optional power cord kit . can convert your range hood from hardwire to plug-in. (Purchase Part # PCK-GF3976).If you encounter any issues . simply contact us and our professional customer service team will provide top-notch support and assistance promptly.SNDOAS 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood GF3976BK

This SNDOAS under cabinet black range hood is a must-have for any stylish and modern kitchen. Not only does it efficiently remove smoke . grease . and unpleasant odors from your kitchen . but it also adds a sleek and sophisticated touch to your decor.

Overall . this black under cabinet range hood is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Its powerful and efficient performance . sleek and modern design . and easy installation make it a top choice for homeowners and chefs alike.

Easy to operate

The rocker switch on our range hood is a convenient and easy way to adjust between two different fan speeds. This allows you to tailor the level of ventilation to your specific cooking needs . whether you're whipping up a quick stir fry or simmering a hearty soup. With this switch . you can quickly and easily switch between low and high settings . giving you optimal control over your cooking environment. Plus . the switch is user-friendly and durable . ensuring that it will last for years of reliable use.

This range hood has two types of exhaust methods: Ducted or ductless operation.

Ducted operation:

There are 2 venting ways . vertical (top venting) an exhaust pipe is required(NOT included) . and horizontal (rear venting).you need to use tool remove the rectangular cover before using the ducted venting.

Please note:

1 .You need to decide which air outlet to use before installation . when the air vent is removed . it cannot be restored.

2 .Need to install the front air outletbaffle to block oil fumes and exhaust them back indoors.(Insert it between thevolutes . with the folded edgefacing the LED light)

Ductless operation:

lf you don't have an outlet to the outside . you can choose to install it as ductless installation. A Carbon filter is inclued in this kitchen hood. In order to maintain the best performance of range hood filter .we recommended to replaceevery 3-6 months to improve air circulation and remove odors.(Purchase Part # CF-3976).


Compared to other range hoods without light or with halogen light . the SNDOAS range hood comes with a LED light:

- LED light is more energy-efficient than halogen light . which can save you money on electricity bills. They also last much longer

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